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IRS Refund Status & State Tax Refund Status

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    IRS Refund Status - Where’s My Refund?

    IRS Refund Status

    Want to know your IRS Tax Refund Status?

    Getting anxious about your IRS Refund? Don’t worry, you can look up the status of your IRS Tax refund quickly and easily.

    You will need to know the following information when looking up the status of your refund:

    • Your SSN (Social Security Number)
    • Your Filing Status (Single, Married, etc)
    • The exact amount, in whole dollars, of your expected refund.

    You can check your IRS Refund Status at the following link:

    Keep in mind that if you filed your tax return electronically (eFile), it may take serveal days before you will be able to check the status of your refund on line.  Currently, the IRS estimates electronically filed refunds to be issued within 12 - 16 days.  Paper returns will take much longer.

    Refunds that have been designated as Direct Deposit into your bank, will expedite the refund process.

    Notice:  The above link is the official IRS site.  No other site should be trusted when looking up your refund status. Tax season is prime time for online phishing scams.  Typically, Official government sites will have a “.gov” or “.us” extension.  Because most Refund Status requests will require you to enter your SSN, always make sure you are on a secure Gov’t site before entering your personal information.  When in doubt, it is safer to type in the url directly into your browser, rather then clicking a link.