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IRS Refund Status & State Tax Refund Status

  • Feb

    IRS Refund Status - Wisconson State Tax Refund Status

    IRS Refund Status - Where’s My Refund?

    West Wisconsin taxpayers can check their State Tax Refund Status online:

    You will need the following information before you can check your state tax refund status on the Official Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

    • Tax Year
    • SSN (Social Security Number
    • Expected Refund Amount in whole dollars

    You can check your Wisconsin State Tax Refund Status below, at the Official .gov site of  The

    Wisconsin Department of Revenue below:

    Notice:  Tax season is prime time for online phishing scams.  Typically, Official government sites will have a “.gov” or “.us” extension.  Because most Refund Status requests will require you to enter your SSN, always make sure you are on a secure Gov’t site before entering your personal information.  When in doubt, it is safer to type in the url directly into your browser, rather then clicking a link